31st Union- San Mateo


I’m back! I have been incredibly lazy about posting lately, so my sincerest apologies. Frankly, I haven’t been cooking a lot (super lazy) so haven’t had much to post. I decided to get off my butt and at least post about some good food I’ve had recently (or weeks ago- lazy, lazy, lazy) when stopping in to a new  locally-sourced restaurant in San Mateo called 31st Union.


When you walk in it’s a rather small but open space with a warm and rustic feel. The walls are covered in wood and chalkboard with pipe fitting light fixtures and a map of California. It’s very clear they take pride in everything being locally sourced and in all things California. The restaurant was packed, but the wait was really only about 10-15 minutes without a reservation.


The menu is full of beautiful farm-to-table options focusing on small plates. I spied pastrami poutine with mozzarella curds on the menu and knew that was going to be the first thing in my belly.

The poutine arrived in a large shallow bowl covered with large chunks of pastrami and oozing mozzarella curds. The fries were nested on a comforting gravy, the consistency of au jus that had the slight aroma of star anise reminiscent of Pho. The fries were salty and delicious and I could DRINK that gravy.

Going with a variety of small plates, I had to opt for fish n’ chips (every time I see them on any menu) as well as the King salmon with gypsy peppers, squash and avocado and the spicy pork belly tacos. I’ll start with saying all three small plates were delicious and very well thought out. The flavors were interesting and complimentary combinations. The fish n’ chips were crisp and tender and the salmon was cooked perfectly with crispy skin and a flaky, moist center. The pork belly tacos were just adorable. They are more of a mini taco arriving on a plate of three dressed with slaw and a spicy sauce for some kick.

I loved all of the dishes at 31st Union and only have one regret- not leaving room for the housemade strawberry rhubarb cake. Next time, it’s mine.


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