Back to Normal-ish

You may have noticed I’ve barely posted in the past year, but I assure you it’s for good reasons. It’s been a busy and crazy year to say the least. It’s not for my lack of wanting to post, but I needed to take some quality time to focus on family.

Unfortunately my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma last August, two days before we were moving into our new house. That’s right, the “Big C”. It was a strange time, being excited about our new home purchase, but sad, scared and worried about what was going to happen with his health. My husband was as brave and strong as can be. I did my best, but I definitely had my moments.

We spent the next six months in and out of Stanford Hospital for a week at a time each time as my husband underwent some seriously aggressive chemo treatments. The “good” ol’ cocktail of Methotrexate and R-chop. I am still amazed with the strength he had during this time as he went through feeling terrible, destroying his body, unable to eat at times anything other than broth and struggling with pain. He is a fighter and that’s a great thing. I’m so proud of him, and even more proud to say he kicked cancer’s ass and is in remission!

We couldn’t have gotten through all of this without our family and friends. We had family stay with us, help us with our daughter, cook meals, clean, and most importantly- love. Family, friends, and coworkers sent the amazing gifts of ongoing Blue Apron and Plated subscriptions to help take the pressure and stress off weeknight meals. I wish I could even try to begin to put to words what all of this has meant. It is truly humbling and heartwarming and I honestly don’t think we could have made it through all of this without all of their support. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We love you dearly.

So, we are starting to work towards getting back “normal” lives. We still have ongoing follow ups with both my husband’s health and daughter’s, but we are in so much better of a place and doing well.  We will start back on the so-called routine things that I now see as a blessing. After what we’ve been through, I will not take any time together for granted.

I will seek enjoyment out of the little moments, the errands, the chores- any time together. I will vow to put down my phone, iPad, computer, etc more and really, REALLY spend time in person with those I love.

I will travel. I will show my daughter the world as much as I can. I will teach her to savor every moment and try to value experiences more than things.

Oh, and I will COOK.

A great thank you out to all of our family, friends, coworkers and to all of those who visit this blog and take an interest in my meals and my words. Love you all…

*Some pics from some of the amazing gifted meals from family, friends and coworkers


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