Picnic in the Presidio


Two weekends ago we were looking for something fun to do for my mother in-law’s last Sunday before heading back home. She had been WONDERFUL enough to stay with us for almost a month to help out with the baby before she was enrolled in daycare full time. She said she had never experienced the delicious glory that are food trucks before so I initially thought maybe we could hit up the Friday nightOff The Grid meetup at Fort Mason. As we got closer to Friday, we realized what a pain it would be driving into the city during rush hour on a Friday with a baby. Not happening.

Thankfully, I looked at their site and discovered they do Picnic in the Presidio on Sundays. How did I not know about this? I love picnics and even more, I love picnics with food trucks. It was on.

As we started driving into the city, the weather was cold and foggy. Typical. However, after we parked the car in the Presidio and walked over to the main lawn, it was like the sun was shining only in this spot in the city. It was gorgeous out. We met up with some friends who found a spot on the lawn and set up camp. We parked our enormous jogging stroller, spread out the blanket and immediately scoped out our surroundings. There were SOOO many options! How does one choose just one? You don’t. First thing was first- my mother in-law and I went straight for the bar (yup, they have a bar tent) and got ourselves a Pimm’s Cup and a Bloody Mary. Now were were ready to deal with some of the long lines.

I was starving so ended up seeking a stand with a short line and got a vegan sausage with kraut. Pretty damn good. I also sought out a dessert stand and got some cookies and creme brulee. We enjoyed our food and good company in the beautiful sunshine on the Presidio lawn in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not a bad day.

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