Happy Thanksgiving! This isn’t a food post and I am not posting Thanksgiving recipes. This year, I’m just thankful.

I’m thankful for our amazing family and friends whom have all been so supportive. I’m thankful for the family visits and watching our daughter, laundry, cleaning, amazing meals and so much more. I’m thankful for the hugs, the talks, the glasses of wine and quality time. I’m thankful for the generosity from friends and coworkers with meal services. I’m thankful for the help with babysitting, play dates, friendly distractions and sometimes just listening when you need someone to. I’m thankful for family and friends, near and far. We have amazing people in our lives and I’m eternally grateful. I’m also thankful for our sweet, precocious, mischievous, squirmy, rambunctious, smart, silly, playful, loving, hilarious and amazing daughter who melts my heart daily. I can’t forget our furry doggie kids who know how to be the best buddies when you need one. I’m thankful for doctors, science, medicine, hope, love, health, our home, our new neighborhood, our jobs and all of the rest of things that make us fortunate.

Life can be difficult and challenging but I love this day for more than just the delicious coma-inducing food. I love this day because it reminds me to take a step back and be appreciative of all the wonderful things in life and to thank those around you who’ve contributed to it. We couldn’t do any of this without you. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.


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